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Our monthly partners are our most dedicated supporters. By committing to give a monthly gift, partners are sowing into the greater vision of Hope for Israel.

You are filling a great need in a significant place.

Israel has long been a nation of vast importance throughout world history. In spite of unyielding persecution and warfare, Israel has established herself as a prosperous nation and a rising world influence. By actively standing with her and supporting Jewish people, you will have an amazing view of how God moves both for and with His people.

Your Impact is Growing.

As we expand our team and our mission, each gift you give is going farther and reaching more people in need. We are partnering with many organizations throughout Israel to bring aid and hope back to her people.

You Stay Connected.

Monthly partners are automatically subscribed to the Hope for Israel newsletter, and also receive regular letters and gifts from our Director, informing them of the latest developments in our organization and thanking them for their contributions. Our partners are the first to know what's happening with Hope for Israel, such as special events, new mission projects, and even trips to the Holy Land.

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Spreading awareness is the most important way to continue raising support for Israel. Teaching others the truth about Israel and the Jewish people empowers them to advocate on their own, and to inspire others to do the same.

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